Since 1982, we have consulted with public, private, manufacturing, service, non-union and union organizations in the following industries:

When asked if we “specialize” in a particular industry, we say yes… those industries that have employees and financial statements! Although we have a heart for American manufacturing, we “specialize” in giving you the tools to drive organizational performance in any industry. It’s all about people and performance. We have worked in the following industries:

Aircraft Engine Industry
Arms Manufacturing
Bakery — Commercial
Battery Mfg.
Boat Building
Building Materials
Automotive Supplier
Consumer Products Mfg.
Concrete Products
Die Casting
Engine Mfg.
Fire Fighting Equip. Mfg
Fire Protection
Food Products
Food Processing Equip.
High Tech Mfg.
Job Shops
Leather Products
Medical Practice
Medical Products
Metal Fabrication
Metal Service Center
Metal Slitting
Metal Stamping
Munitions Mfg.
Office Products
Oil Refining
Pet Food
Pharmaceutical Mfg.
Railroad Products
Screw Machine
Wire and Cable
Wood Products
Yacht Repair and Service
Client Demographics
  • 500 + assessments, training, and project clients to date.
  • 50 employees to the Fortune 50.
  • 60% Privately-Held, 40% Public.
  • 70% Manufacturing, 25% Service/Distribution, 5% Non-Profit.
  • Non-Union, Union.
Firm Profile
  • 30 years of consultancy throughout North America.
  • All senior advisors with 20+ years of experience. No 24 year-olds in blue suits.
  • Solid senior management backgrounds in Op’s, Finance, and HR.
  • Advisors have significant hands on experience with gainsharing, incentives and other pay-for-performance systems prior to consulting.
  • Conducted over 100 workshops for business owners, officers, and senior managers on the subject of employee engagement, performance based compensation, incentives, gainsharing, and organizational performance.
  • Delivered public speaking engagements to trade associations, universities, government and military entities.

The Muller Group Senior Advisors In Brief

Karl F. Muller—President of The Muller Group, Inc., began his career in industry in the late 70’s beginning with a 200-employee, privately owned manufacturer in the Philadelphia area.  He was subsequently recruited to a major publically held corporation and quickly rose through the ranks to become a division general manager by 1981. His operating success was attributed to his aggressive use of unique leadership strategies, measurements and performance-based compensation linked directly to the corporation’s monthly financial performance. Karl’s strategies and methods gained attention in numerous business publications and he began receiving inquires asking for his help from other businesses. This level of interest caused him to leave his position in industry and begin a consulting career.

As the consulting business grew, so did the need for other like-minded consultants to join the firm.  Karl was very fortunate to have two outstanding men become available.

Haywood May—Haywood’s experience with Equishare™ began when he was the president of a New England-based company involved in the marine industry. His company had four different profit centers under one roof, encompassing sales, service, production, and custom fabrication. His challenge of getting everyone pointed in the right direction for the benefit of over-all company results lead him to Equishare™. After spending ten plus years using the system, Haywood joined The Muller Group in 1998.

Haywood has been involved with over one hundred implementations of the Equishare System, and has trained thousands of managers, supervisors, and employees. In addition, he has served many of these clients in a post-implementation “coaching” role. His hands-on experience and wide range of client experiences enable him to provide clients with practical “get it done” advice and counsel.

He attended North Carolina State University and St. Andrews College, graduating with majors in Business and in Economics.

John Ingold—also had extensive experience as a senior operating manager and successfully utilized a financially based gainsharing model in his division of a German owned company. In addition, John had also been a consultant for a respected Midwest firm prior to joining The Muller Group. John oversees the client assessment and design phases of Equishare projects. His 20+ years of consulting experience and project work with hundreds of companies, provides our clients with the level of comfort and expertise they expect and deserve.

John obtained his under-graduate degree from Manchester College and a graduate degree from Purdue University.


These three senior consultants of The Muller Group, Inc. bring a combined 80 plus years of gainsharing, performance-based compensation, incentive and other pay-for-results expertise to the table. Don’t believe for a minute our experience is composed of “old ideas”. Quite the opposite, our strategies have met the test of time, yet get refined on every project. The most recent projects we have delivered for clients have been some of the most successful in our history. Experience plus innovation equals results.

One client described The Muller Group as a “boutique” firm… small, but highly specialized. We are routinely awarded engagements over larger firms due to our experience, and the strategy and success of our Equishare System.

We do one thing and we do it very well… we give you the tools to get your employees passionate about the performance of your business. Every day, every week, every month.

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