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When employees are truly engaged in the performance of the business, behaviors change, creativity flourishes, productivity goes up, costs come down, and profits rise.

We work with companies to create a culture and a comprehensive, disciplined strategy to fully engage their employees  in the performance of the enterprise. Resulting in significant, immediate, quantifiable improvements in the company’s financial performance. Studies indicate that 20% of employees are “actively disengaged,” 50% do enough to get by, and 75% say they could be “significantly more effective.”  Our Equishare™ System provides a proven, structured approach to engage and lead employees to new levels of performance.

The EquiShare™ System

When asked what the key to winning was, Vince Lombardi responded, “Running, passing, blocking, and tackling. If we do those four things well, we’ll win more then we lose.” Likewise, the Equishare™ System deploys a four-part strategy to drive organizational performance:

  • Define the essence of performance and profitability. This is not some vision or mission statement that nobody can recite. Rather, we identify the four most critical factors in your business and measure them in dollars. The definition must be clear, concise, powerful, and universally understood. The centerpiece of the Equishare™ System is a unique set of four (4) key relational financial metrics, which offer an extremely high correlation to over-all financial results. Without the complications and misunderstandings associated with the entire financial statement.
  • Measure the critical factors that drive winning performance—constantly, visually, and energetically. What is the score? How much time is left? How far to the goal? Are we winning or losing? Employees need to have an emotional reaction to business outcomes and performance linked to compensation real time.
  • Pursue the game plan. You must have a focused, tactical, visible leadership plan and effort to create awareness, identify opportunities, deploy resources, flex the organization, remove barriers, find solutions, and achieve gains. Performance-based compensation is not a substitution for leadership.
  • Reward by linking every employee’s pay to business results, on a monthly basis. Using methods proven to favorably drive the behavior and performance of associates. Provide real compensation opportunity for achieving real results, clearly identified on the financials.

Performance is all about the fundamentals. See the blog for more insight.

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