Engage Employees, Improve Performance, Increase Profit

When employees are truly engaged in the performance of the business, behaviors change, creativity flourishes, productivity goes up, costs come down, and profits rise.

We work with companies to create a culture and a comprehensive, disciplined strategy to fully engage their employees  in the performance of the enterprise. Resulting in significant, immediate, quantifiable improvements in the company’s financial performance. Studies indicate that 20% of employees are “actively disengaged,” 50% do enough to get by, and 75% say they could be “significantly more effective.”  Our Equishare™ System provides a proven, structured approach to engage and lead employees to new levels of performance.

The EquiShare™ System

When asked what the key to winning was, Vince Lombardi responded, “Running, passing, blocking, and tackling. If we do those four things well, we’ll win more then we lose.” Likewise, the Equishare™ System deploys a four-part strategy to drive organizational performance:

  • Define the essence of performance and profitability. This is not some vision or mission statement that nobody can recite. Rather, we identify the four most critical factors in your business and measure them in dollars. The definition must be clear, concise, powerful, and universally understood. The centerpiece of the Equishare™ System is a unique set of four (4) key relational financial metrics, which offer an extremely high correlation to over-all financial results. Without the complications and misunderstandings associated with the entire financial statement.
  • Measure the critical factors that drive winning performance—constantly, visually, and energetically. What is the score? How much time is left? How far to the goal? Are we winning or losing? Employees need to have an emotional reaction to business outcomes and performance linked to compensation real time.
  • Pursue the game plan. You must have a focused, tactical, visible leadership plan and effort to create awareness, identify opportunities, deploy resources, flex the organization, remove barriers, find solutions, and achieve gains. Performance-based compensation is not a substitution for leadership.
  • Reward by linking every employee’s pay to business results, on a monthly basis. Using methods proven to favorably drive the behavior and performance of associates. Provide real compensation opportunity for achieving real results, clearly identified on the financials.

Performance is all about the fundamentals. See the blog for more insight.

What Our Clients Say About The EquiShare™ System and Results

In 30 years, we have looked at hundreds of attempts to motivate employees through incentives, bonuses, profit sharing, gainsharing, total rewards, etc. A recent survey indicated more then 80% of these attempts failed to meet their initial operating objectives. Best of intentions… failed execution. Our success is the product of two simple factors that took a career to gain a full knowledge of — what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what some of our clients say about their experience with the EquiShare™ approach and the results they have achieved:

“From our experience, we gained significant efficiency with subsequent cost reduction, improved communication throughout the organization, and the employees were able to connect what they do to the financials”
—Director of Finance, public client, manufacturer (Fortune 100)

“I personally would recommend Mr. Muller and his group. They really know what they are doing and help you be successful. They are honest, upfront and will do anything they can you help your organization.”                         
VP Finance, public client, defense contractor (500 employees)

“Equishare has improved communication throughout all levels of our business and has driven us to find process improvements leading to greater profitability. No stock certificate necessary, Equishare provides a feeling of ownership to everyone”
—CFO, private client, job shop (400 employees)

“It has taken us to a new level of productivity”
—CFO, private client, industrial distributor (150 employees)

“Karl Muller was hired to consult on a project that ultimately involved every employee. His leadership of the team created to develop a plan was professional and educational. Karl, not only, is knowledgeable in his profession, he can communicate to all levels and present to a diverse audience. The confidence that Karl shares is contagious and confirms his role as a designated leader in his field. I would highly recommend Karl for any company looking to get beyond a comfort zone and make changes to ensure financial success for all involved.”
Director of Marketing, consumer products (400 employees)

“We started our Gainsharing Program in 2003 with the assistance of Karl Muller and his group. The program has made our employees more aware and involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. This enables the company to save money and be more productive. When this occurs the employees and company all share in the bonus. Since 2003, we have proudly paid over $10M in bonuses to our employees.” 
—CFO, private client, mining and trucking divisions

“The relationship between paying Equishare bonuses and increased profitability is perfect”
—VP, multi-national, chemical producer

“Karl has the ability to see through the clutter and identify the core issues. He also has a way of providing a perspective -that is, he sees the forest, not the trees. I attribute the long term success of my business in large part to input and advice I received from Karl.”                                                      
—President, marine construction and services (50 employees)

Karl and his group delivered on their promise to help our company develop and implement a bonus program that would benefit all of our employees and the company itself. It was a perfect compliment to our Lean Journey. After 9 years it is still going strong.”
—President, private client, firearms manufacturing (300 employees)

“I met Karl Muller in 2001 when I was searching for a consultant to help us set up an incentive program. Karl guided us through the process of setting up a Gain Sharing program, and in the process helped our management team identify several operating ratios that are key drivers to our profitability. Our Gain Sharing program has been in place for 10 years now, and it continues to provide a positive incentive to our employees to put forth that extra effort necessary to make our business a success. I highly recommend Karl Muller if you are looking for help in setting up an incentive program for your employees.”
—President, machine and distribution firm (150 employees)

“Karl’s input, based on years of effective consulting in the for-profit industrial and corporate worlds, has provided a sound basis of strategic thought and planning for my work with a fast growing not for profit organization. A key distinctive in our specific service is a bent toward, not only results, but also measurable performance and accountability throughout our internal operations and external services. Karl’s input has been sound and current toward building systems that encourage effective and motivational results within our staff… And for the recipients of our services. There is no doubt that he has contributed to a high level of growth in an economic environment that constantly highlights lesser results in the non-profit world at large over recent years. To say that I highly recommended Muller’s service would be a gross understatement… He will help you reach your organizational and professional goals for effective, healthy growth.”            
—Vice President, non-profit ministry

“People get it – The company’s objectives are now aligned with everyone in the company. Determining priorities at the operations level is much easier, simpler and straight-forward and we have an esprit de corps that in previous years we could only dream about, with cooperation among business groups at an all time high.”
—CFO, private, consumer products company (500 employees)

“We hired Karl in 2002 to develop a Gainshare Program for our company. The program he developed for us has proven to be very successful over its 10-year life. Recently, we re-engaged Karl and his team to evaluate the program to determine what improvements/changes could be made to keep us successful for the next 10 years. Karl and his team are very professional and come to the table with great ideas to help us motivate our employees to engage in our business in a different way.”                                                
—President, private client, quarry/barge operation (300 employees) 

“The employees realize that they have a vested financial interest in the company doing well, and how well they perform effects financial results. Supervisors frequently ask “can we do this with less people”? One item on the “People Side” is Medical Expenses. Because of the visibility Equishare provides, and our “Wellness Program”, our health care costs have not increased nearly as much as the national average.”
—CFO, multi-site, private company (350 employees)

“Karl is a subject matter expert, is very practical and he communicates clearly to all levels of employees and management. I have always appreciated his directness and his low-key no BS style. Karl engineered and supported a very successful installation in an old-school manufacturing plant that improved operating performance steadily while the Gain Sharing system was in place. I would hire Karl again anytime I thought his program would add value.”
—CEO, private company, manufacturing (300 employees)


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