The typical progression your company and our firm would utilize to get to know one another and work together would be:
  • Email Karl to schedule an initial contact call with your point person.
  • Following the initial contact, we would ask your senior team to put together the ten toughest questions you have regarding employee engagement, motivation, performance based compensation, your existing variable compensation plans, and related subjects. Email these to Mr. Muller.
  • Schedule a conference call with Karl Muller and your senior leadership team to have a dynamic discussion on your “top ten.” If a mutual interest continues to exists following the call, we would then schedule a
  • Equishare Concept Overview (2 to 3 hours) in person with your senior leadership team. A thorough presentation of the strategies of the Equishare Employee Engagement Process. If a mutual interest continues, then…
  • Conduct the Equishare Assessment—a comprehensive operating financial analysis of historical and current organizational performance, and the specific economic impact of full employee engagement going forward. Utilizing your financials, your data, and your business conditions. Real answers to tough questions.

** The option exists to combine Equishare Overview with the Assessment for a more efficient use of time.

Design an Equishare System for your business. Working with management to design a system specifically for your business and conditions. Measurements, formula, thresholds, communications, infrastructure, rules, etc.

  • Execute—to include employee education, manager/supervisor leadership training, deploying infrastructure, and launching the Equishare System.
  • Coach—Provide an additional 6 to 12 months of coaching to your organization.

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