Define, Measure, Pursue, and Reward Organizational Performance.
EquiShare™... Driving the Economics of Employee Engagement.

Who We Are

The Muller Group, Inc., is an experienced, focused, tactical consulting firm that is singularly dedicated to assessing, designing, and executing our Equishare™ Employee Performance System. Utilizing a leadership strategy, methodology and process that enables clients to engage their employees at all levels. Driving real, quantifiable improvements to the bottom line, and enabling employees to equitably share in business success.
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What We Do

We work with companies to create a culture and a comprehensive, disciplined strategy to fully engage employees in the performance of their enterprise. Producing significant, immediate, quantifiable improvements in financial results. Other consultants say similar things, but we go at it from a unique perspective. The Equishare™ strategy is a proven approach to define, measure, pursue and reward organizational performance.
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Let’s Get Started

Invest in a conference call with your senior leadership team and Karl Muller – give him your toughest questions, most challenging employee issues, and (if applicable) a description of your existing incentives, bonus structures, pay-for-performance plans. Put him to the test… at no cost. We believe you will come away saying "this firm does offer a unique and proven strategy that will benefit our business".
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